Carl Goldberg Gentle Lady Conversion

I built the Gentle Lady about 10 or so years ago as a "tow" sailplane and used a 200' High-Start to launch it. That worked pretty well, but in this thin air at 5280', you have to find some lift quickly or you are just practicing your landings. I got a bit tired of laying out and retrieving the high-start after a while so this poor Lady stayed home too, too much. Then when I got back into RC and with all the breakthroughs in electric flight, I decided to electrify her and add a folding prop. It really was easier than I thought! The hardest part was figuring out just where to cut the nose. You want to have you spinner all picked out so you can use it to get the cut location determined by its diameter. Then it was just a matter of fashioning a firewall, mounting the motor to it and pushing it in from the inside. Unfortunately, the motor is not removable, but these little outrunners are so reliable and maintenance free they just don't go bad that often. The prop is a little large at a 10X8 for the E-Flight 400, but it only runs for a bit and then it is shut off. It sure bites well with that extra bit of pitch.

The lady is now such a joy to fly and you can hand launch from your chair! The rudder has great authority even at slow speeds and it will perform a "yaw" turn flat as a pancake (Mmmm, pancakes...) Ailerons are great for hotliners and such, but for soaring, you want those flat, tight turns. Just watch the hawks! No need for spoilers with that flat bottom airfoil and she will settle right in on landings. Love the Lady!!


Specs are as follows:

Below are some photos: