Aerial Photography

After I finished my Viking, I thought I would try something I used to do when I was about 12years old... I "borrowed" a camera from my older sister, took it apart and rigged it so I could get one of the servos in my airplane to activate it. The camera was a Kodak Instamatic 15 and the airplane was my very first Falcon56. The camera had to be advanced after each shot and I managed to get the film only half advanced for some shots so the images were a bit weird, but at that age it was pretty cool! Anyway, with the Viking flying so well, I wondered if it would hoist up a small digital camera. I checked around and the Nikon CoolPix 3100 was reasonably cheap, 3Mpix, and could shoot 640X480 30fps video all at about 8oz. I built a little caddy for it complete with a servo for pressing the shutter button and I was in business! I took that rig out several times and made many flights. Unfortunatly, the Viking does not have a true landing gear and eventually the camera injested enough dust and dirt that it stopped working. It sure was fun while it lasted though! I hope to build a larger "aerial photograpy platform" as they are called and use a better camera. I also have several videos I'll get around to processing and posting.