Carl Goldberg .40 Shoestring Racer E-Convert

This is pretty neat…  This is an actual vintage Carl Goldberg kit from the 1960’s of a .40 size Shoestring Racer.  There were actual pylon racing classes for these models and this particular model could be built in one of several configurations depending on the pilot’s needs.  Once again, I snagged this off Ebay and they are rare, rare, rare…  I took my time with the build and I wanted to try out the E-Flight Power46 motors.  That is one beefy motor!!  And heavy…  A bit heaver than the comparable AXI motors.  This kit is classic Goldberg in that you add lots and lots off wood and then you sand away until you get the shape you are looking for.  The motor mount and the front cowl/cheeks were the most challenging part.  I wanted to have access to the motor if need be, but I didn’t want a bunch of cut up lines on the fuselage either.  I finally opted for the front cowl to be removable along with the cheeks.  The entire assembly is held on with super strong magnets and is actually functional to divert cooling air to the motor.  The little chin scoop is likewise held on with magnets and is fully functional.  The rest of the build was pretty straight forward except for building up the horizontal stabilizer.  The ailerons were a bit different.  The plans called for torque rods but they are a bit far away and not collinear.  I really didn’t want to have a servo or control rod protruding under the wing (this is a racer after all…) so I found these really cool push-pull actuators at the local hobby store and went about trying to come up with a way to drive them.  I finally settled on a cable system that surprisingly has very little slop but it does have a bit of resistance.  I will be replacing this aileron servo with a digital servo to gain a bit more strength and precision.  There are some photos below of the installation.

I haven’t flown this yet as I am waiting to iron out the larger battery power issues experienced with the Falcon, but soon I will give it a go.  This one sure is a looker…  It is covered in Oracote which I used for the first time and it was wonderful!!!  Very easy to work with and not a wrinkle anywhere.  Super, super nice.  The wheel pants are off the Great Planes ARF version as there was one missing in the kit.  From what I’ve heard, this kit is a fabulous flyer.  I can’t wait to see!


For a build log on the WattFlyer Blog, click HERE.

Specs are as follows:

Below are some photos: