Spirit Of Yesteryear kit of the Dave Platt 1936 Satin Doll

This is a re-design for electric of a 1992 Dave Platt rubber powered free flight kitted by Spirit of Yesteryear (recently sold to Brodak).  It is pretty standard stick build with all the parts laser cut.  This is a full kit, so no need to make another trip to LHS for more wood.  Even the wheels are included!  One thing that surprised me was how nose heavy it came out!  I guess that long snout (where I put my motor) was designed for rubber which distributes the weight along the entire fuselage.  I ended up building a cradle for the battery just on top of the lower wing.  The kit calls for attaching the wings with dowels and rubber bands.  I opted to ad leading edge dowels and secure the wings with a small nylon bolt.  This also helps when changing out the battery.  The kit was really easy to build but I should have gone with a lighter covering.  This was about the time when I was figuring out that there are better things out there than MonoKote.  I did manage to get something kind of different with the final look.  I also added larger wheels for grass along with a steerable  tail wheel.  That took a little planning…  The rudder is pull-pull but the elevators are actuated with separate pushrods because their hinge lines are not collinear.  This is just elevator and rudder, but it turns like it is on rails.  This is one fantastic little flyer and looks like nothing else at the field.  Just as at home in a park or at a large field.  Great fun and highly recommended! For a build log on the WattFlyer Blog, click HERE.


Specs are as follows:

Below are some photos: