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Here you will find links to all my RC Model Airplanes. These are all electricly powered and are of "built up" construction (not ARFs) unless otherwise noted. Just click on the airplane's picture you would like to learn more about.

Latest Airplane News:

4/25/2010: Valkyrie is finished!! See it above...

12/1/2009: Albatros DV.a is finished!! See it above...

8/2009: The Cumulus wins the climb and glide and the Concours at the AAM Vintage meet. See it above...

2/3/2009 : To Download the AAM Electric Conversion write-up, click HERE

2/3/2009 : To Download the AAM Model Covering write-up, click HERE

12/24/2007: Cool new video of my Taube flying : Taube Big and Taube Small

7/14/2007: External BEC update: With the crash of the Gentle Lady a few weeks ago, I ordered two 6V BECs from Dimension Engineering and put one in the Gasser and one in the GL. That seems to have done the trick! I flew the GL with three long power climbs in 95deg heat and had no problems! The external BEC seems to be the hot setup. The GL flew great!

7/4/2007: The Gasser gets Floats! We took a road trip to Rod and Polly's on Pine Lake close to Seattle. I built a set of floats and flew twice a day! I also built an GWS E-Starter and added floats. Check out Heidi's photos: HERE

6/16/2007: There are new photos of the Falcon in the air. We flew at Thorton and the Falcon performaed flawlessly! Check them out here: Falcon 56 MKII in the air!.

6/16/2007: The Gentle Lady crashes... The GL went in at the end of a powered climb-out from about 300'+... Unbelievably, the damage was minimal - Just the right horizontal stabalizer was smashed a bit. The glider went in at about a 75deg angle when the radio lost power and re-booted which can take up to six to ten seconds. There was a bit of mixed-in down elevator from the climb-out so it never leveled out. It hit a small Lindon tree on the stab and the wing just popped off and floated down. The impact saved the nose and no other damage occured. It should be an easy thing to fix. I have ordered a couple external BEC (battery elimination circuits) to supply power for the receiver to fix this RX power loss problem. That should prevent another in-air re-boot. I got off with a warning on this one...

6/10/2007: Successful Falcom Maiden! Third times the charm... The Falcon went up with all it's new electronics and flew great. There was only one flight, and sorry, no pictures but it flew great! Pictures next week...

6/1/2007: Started work this week on the AerodromeRC "Military Trainer" Stearman PT-17. The basic framing of the top wing is completed. This project will probably take a couple months at least. The PT-17 is a 48" wing span scale model powered by an AXI 2820 motor running on a 3S3300 Lipo. Stay tuned for more details. Check out AerodromeRC's website HERE.

5/26/2007: Still waiting to re-maiden the Falcon. The airplane is all ready, I just need to schedule a trip to the Arvada field. I really want a spotter for this and I'd rather not try this at the Thorton field. To many houses around...

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