Hobby Shack's Little Gasser

This is a "400" size or "1/2A" size kit from Hobby Lobby (now Hobby Shack) from the 1970's originally for .049 size engine. I got this kit as a freebee when I won an auction on Ebay for the Blazer, Viking, and a C/L Wizzard. It sat on my shelf for a year or so and I though it would be fun to build as an "in between airplane builds" diversion. Little did I know that it would be come my workhorse! It always goes to the fields and is the first airplane I fly. It is perfect as a parkflyer but works well at the big club field and with it's steerable tail wheel, it is completely maneuverable on the ground. It is standard balsa built up structure covered in Monokote. As the original kit was rudder only, I added elevator, throttle and ailerons and a carbon fiber landing gear (not shown in the photos). It has a flat-bottom airfoil, but loops and rolls and even flies inverted pretty well. I have even been known to coax an outside loop out of it!


For a build log on the WattFlyer Blog, click HERE.


Specs are as follows:

Below are some photos: