Fokker DVIII 36" by AerodromeRC

This is the AerodromeRC 36 ” span 1/9th scale Fokker DVIII/EV designed for 400 size motor. The laser cut kit is amazingly complete right down to all the sheeting and stringer wood. Also included are parts to make a set of dummy machine guns, a form for a pilot figure and parts to build the wheels - a very complete kit. The construction is easy and straightforward and, as with all the AerodromeRC kits very well engineered and produced. The covering is PolySpan with Balsa-Loc to adhere it to the framework. For paint, I used Krylon Satin for the yellow and Perfect paint for the green and blue on the wing. The black is Model Master and the white is Testors. Sometimes it takes a while to assemble just the right colors and sheens. Weight is always an issue, but it is only a few ounces over at the most and it didn't seem to mind at all when it was flying. The paint scheme is Theo Osterkamp's Fokker EV; Marine Feld Jagdstaffel II, FMFC; Jabbekke, Belgium; September, 1918. There is some question as to the actual paint scheme as he was only in possession of the EV for a short time and may not have had time to paint it. It is possible, so I thought it would make for a fun and unusual scheme. All the control surfaces are pull-pull with two aileron servos in the wing. The machine guns are 1/9th scale from I built a dummy engine, which is held in with a couple strong magnets in case of those not-so-perfect landings. Finally, I took an off-the-shelf wooden propeller, stripped it, shaped and then stained it finally adding a couple "Axial" decals to put the finishing scale touch. It is a good flying airplane with no bad tendencies and is quite the looker in the air, and draws lots of attention at the field. If you are looking for something unusual, this is a great choice!


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Specs are as follows:

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