Dare (Pat Tritle) Fokker DRI 31"
This is a "400" size Fokker DRI triplane from Dare Models designed by Pat Tritle for three channels. I made several modifications to the kit such as: Scale dihedral (flat) with working ailerons, more scale fuselage profile and rudder, larger landing gear plane, smaller cowl, and lots of scale trim items. I used "pull-pull" cable control linkages on all three control surfaces for precision and appearance. I added a vacu-form ABS replica dummy engine from Dare that actually rotates with the propeller, machine guns from www.wrightbrothersrc.com and scale builtup wheels from www.aerodromerc.com. I even stripped and sanded a wood 10" propeller and stained it for display. I spent so much time on this little guy that it took me a year to get up the courage to maiden it! The first attempt wasn't so great due to sloppy controls and too much surface throw. Also I think it was a tad tail heavy with just that little outrunner motor up front. With all that fixed, the second attempt was great! It really is a joy to fly. Very nimble and really looks amazing in the air. The color scheme is the "incorrect" Raben (Ltn August Raben, Jasta 18, 1918.) layout (it should be red and white). For a build log on the WattFlyer Blog, click HERE.

Specs are as follows:

Below are some photos: