Carl Goldberg 1/2A Blazer! free flight E-Convert

This is a conversion of the 1960’s Carl Goldberg 1/2A Blazer! Free flight for .049 to electric RC.  It was the last of the kits I got off eBay and I was just going to make a static display out of it, but I had such good luck with the Viking, I just couldn’t resist!  It seemed to convert well – maybe even a little easier than the Viking due to it’s larger fuselage.  There really was only one place for the battery and such so the balance was going to be a little tricky.  The Viking was not sensitive at all to the center of gravity so I thought the Blazer wouldn’t be either.  I was a bit off on that…  The final product balanced pretty close to the spot on the plans, but the initial flights were rather scary.  It rocked and rocked and then would just spiral straight down.  Not much damage, but I was thinking that maybe it was just a bit too small.  I wasn’t ready to give up, however, so instead of adding weight, I extended the motor forward a half inch or so.  The second set of flight were much, much better.  No rocking and plenty of power.  It will float in almost no lift and really is nifty to see in the air.  I’ll get some better pictures of it in the air next time it goes.  It is so small that it is very easy to get in the car and I’m sure will see many trips to the flying field in the future.

For a build log on the WattFlyer Blog, click HERE.

Specs are as follows:

Below are some photos: