The Apogee Sport DLG by ECM

I was searching for something small enough I could fly out back but could get high enough to snag a good thermal now and then. I had built the Alula! and it was so much fun I practically wore it out, but I wanted something I could chuck a bit higher. What I needed was a small "DLG" or "Discus-launch-glider". I found just the thing in the Apogee by ECM (Find them here: Enduro Composite Models). Apogee Sport is based on Dr.'s Mark Drela original all wood design of the Apogee. The airfoil for this little gem is so important the kit supplies templates for each rib section. You are to carefully sand until it just fits the template. The model is a nice mixture of very high grade balsa and carbon fiber for strength. It goes together pretty quickly is amazingly strong and light. Its no slouch on performance either! I have just about lost this thing several times and have had to work to get it back down. The DLG launch technique does take a bit of practice, but it is amazing just how high one of these little guys will go. The all up flying weight is just about 4oz so clean light building is essential. One of the reasons I wanted to build it was to get a little more experience with carbon fiber composite construction - something that came in handy on the Cumulus in beefing up its landing gear.


It is powered by a little three cell sub-aa nicad pack that will run for quite a while actually. If you are looking for something easy to build and really fun to fly on a quite evening, give the Apogee a look.


Specs are as follows:

Below are some photos: