Alula! by Dream-Flight

This is the Alula! by Dream-Flight.This from their site: "The Alula is a compact, lightweight, and durable R/C handlaunch glider that was designed for light lift conditions and tight flying spaces.

Don't be fooled by its looks; the Alula is in reality a very functional design that benefits from each of its unique design features. The Alula was designed specifically with the SAL (Side-Arm-Launch) in mind. The swept forward planform eliminates tip stalling, which allows you to core small, near-ground thermals.

The swept forward wing planform also places the launch point closer to being in-line with the CG, making sidearm launches straighter and higher. The sweep forward combined with a large fin, reduces the tendency of the glider to yaw during a SAL, and thus launch heights of 50-60 feet (15 meters +) can be achieved."


It is easy to build kit of mostly Computer-cut EPP foam parts and contest grade balsa. The kit is quite complete with all the required carbon fiber stiffeners and such. The control surfaces employ "elerons" which is a combination of elevator and ailerons. I decided to add an additional servo and cut the elerons to employ true elevators and ailerons. Details of the conversion are on the Dream-Flight site.


What is it like to fly? Two words: A BLAST! I did have a bit of a sore arm the first day from flinging this little guy skyward, but that was because I must have done it like 50 times! It only weights 4oz ready to fly so it can snatch even the lightest list and is great for low wind slope soaring. After about 10-12mph, it is time to take it inside though as it doesn't have the penetration of a heavier sailplane. It looks really neat in the air and the hawks and eagles will move in for a closer look probably wondering it it will ever start flapping.


If you have ever though of building a ride-arm fling launce glider, give the Alula a try. I bet it will be the most fun you can have from a sore arm ever!!



Specs are as follows:

Below are some photos: